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fabrication company in pakistanG.S. Ali Associates Pakistan is one of the top Steel Fabrication and erection mechanical Engineering Company which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Storage Tanks, tanker and Tankage solutions for Oil, Gas, Diesel, Fuel, Petroleum, Chemical, Milk, Water and Industrial tanks, Iron Galvanize, Stainless Steel storage tank, LPG cylinders, Prefabricated buildings and Bolted tanks which makes us a leader among the list of all best Pakistani or Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, companies or Contractors in steel industry. We serve in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and passionate to serve all over the world like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Europe, USA, Turkey, Russia, China, Afghanistan, South Africa, Australia etc... Being experienced fabricator, erectors, procurement construction and EPC Contractor we are manufacturing power plants of different Mega watts of electricity, High Pressure Vessels, , press steam boilers, heat exchangers or condenser, LNG terminal, bowsers, steel structures, PEB pre engineered and prefabricated buildings and small prefab houses, container, mobile homes, Towers, bridge, insulation, pipeline, duct, thermal, paint coating, fire fighting systems, turnkey plumbing MEP, HVAC, Public Health, Landscape projects, metals erector, wrapping of pipelines, roof structure, Boiler, Jacket, generators, Furnace supply, Heater, steel drum, pipe supports, Rib or Arch, sheds and deals in architecture, design and professional structural development of coal based, combined cycle, coal fired, gas turbines, Distillery, used oil tanker like hino truck sale at lowest prices, Waste water treatment, Sugar mills, RO Ultra filtration, Biogas and Bio-ethanol, CO2 plants with plant maintenance services, power plants supplies, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Cement, wind farms, dairy, Bespoke, incinerator Infrastructure industries, Polyester & build automation warehouse, stores and workshops. We also provide the services of project management, product planning, monitoring and independent Audits.


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Insulation & Coatings

GS Ali Associates offers the best insulation services for pipe, duct, storage tanks and thermal systems, thermal insulation coating for pipes, storage tank insulation systems, thermal insulation coating for metals, coating & wrapping of all types and sizes of pipelines, oil storage tanks, Oil storage tank roof insulation, insulation & coating of LPG Storage tanks, bowsers, thermal insulation coatings for all type of steel structures, We have experienced team of installation of pipelines for firefighting projects.

Steel Fabrication

G.S. Ali Associates is an experienced Steel Fabrication and Engineering Company which provides steel fabrication and Steel erection of structural steel and associated steel works. We offer services of pre-fabricated steel buildings or pre-engineered steel buildings and mechanical fabrication, fabrication of component parts, met mast (Towers) and Bespoke structures, Structural steel fabrication for bridge and building not only in Pakistan but also in Qatar, UAE, KSA, Russia, Europe,

Storage Tank Manufacturer

We provide the Stainless Steel Oil Storage Tanks, Steel Petroleum Storage Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Milk Storage Tanks, Stainless Steel Water Tank, Industrial Storage Tanks, Prefabricated Bolted Tanks, Iron Galvanize Stainless Steel Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Tankage solutions, Diesel Tank, Fuel Tanks, Fuel Storage Tanks, High pressure tanks, press boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, industrial boilers, steam boilers, boilers maintenance services,

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Turnkey Fabrication Projects

GS Ali Associates offers turnkey solutions for all fabrication projects with its ability to fast track fabrication projects and a unique status among its competitors in the field of engineering, fabrication, incinerator manufacturers and turnkey automation projects. We have the portfolio with engineering, manufacturing, construction and plant maintenance as well as offering turnkey (EPC) solutions to our clients in Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Cement, Infrastructure and Allied Industries in Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Europe, USA, Turkey, Russia, China. We offer and provide master planning, architecture, structure, mechanical, HVAC, Public Health, Landscape, independent design, procurement, construction and project management services.

Pre Engineered & Pre Fabricated Steel Structure

GS Ali Associates is steel structure company in Pakistan which offers structural steel a best solution for buildings, manufacturer of pre engineered steel buildings,  design of structural engineers for steel buildings (PEB), turnkey solution for pre-fabricated and pre-engineered metal buildings, manufacturing & fabrication works for boiler, pre-Heater, pipe supports, storage tanks, steel structure, steel towers, steel structure Rib or Arch, storage sheds, waste water treatment plant, We offers project management, fabrication, mechanical manufacturing, product planning, project planning, monitoring and engineering solutions, One stop steel fabrication, erection, paint & maintenance workshop to build steel structure for warehouse, stores, workshops, dairy farms, power plants.

Power Plants EPC Contractors

We are engineering procurement construction (EPC) Company or power plant EPC contractor in Pakistan which provides EPC and related supplies and installation for thermal and renewable power plants of different Mega watts of electricity like coal based power plant, combined cycle power plant, coal-fired power plant, gas turbines, steam turbines, Distillery Plants, Waste water treatment plants, RO Ultra filtration plants, Biogas and Bio-ethanol plants, CO2 Plants Design and construction, Simple cycle Power Plants, in Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Cement, wind farms, Infrastructure and Allied industries sectors, Polyester Plant,




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As one of the Pakistan’s best engineering, procurement, fabrication, Fire Fighting turnkey projects, storage tanks and piping, pipe line construction, crushing plants, sugar mills, cement manufacturing plants and maintenance (EPFCM) companies, GS Ali Associates offers comprehensive solutions that bring our Clients greater capital efficiency with improved cost and schedule certainty.​​​​​​

steel fabrication company in pakistan
EPC Contractors Engineering Procurement Construction

Construction of the world’s largest gas to liquids (GTL) plant, Pearl GTL in Qatar, is a major step towards meeting the world’s growing demand for cleaner energy.
The drive is on to make tomorrow’s transport fuels and lubricants on a large scale from clean-burning natural gas. Construction of the world’s largest gas to liquids (GTL) plant, Pearl GTL in Qatar, is a major step towards meeting the world’s growing demand for cleaner energy.
The plant, a joint development by Qatar Petroleum and Shell, will process about three billion barrels-of-oil-equivalent over its lifetime from the world’s largest single non-associated gas field, the North Field, which stretches from Qatar’s coast out into the Gulf. The North Field contains more than 900 trillion cubic feet of gas, about 15% of worldwide gas resources.
Pearl GTL will produce cleaner-burning diesel and kerosene, base oils for top-tier lubricants, a chemical feedstock called naphtha, which is used to make plastics, and normal paraffin, which is used to produce detergents.
It will produce enough fuel to fill over 160,000 cars a day and enough synthetic base oil each year to make lubricants for more than 225 million cars.
Job Duration: Start From 7 Jan 2009 To 22 Jul 2011
Job Description: Storage Tanks And Piping
Cost: 17.4 QR Million

steel structure manufacturer in Pakistan
Gas to Liquid GTL Plant Pearl GTL

Chiyoda Corporation of Japan was the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor of the original plant. Within Qatar Gas, a plant project task force team (PTF) was established to manage and supervise the EPC contractor.

The debottleneck project was carried out by a joint venture of Technip and Chiyoda (TCJV) under a €100m EPC contract. The joint venture is also the EPC contractor for the current PMP project. Other PMP project suppliers include ABB for 16 CEMS units and Struthers Wells for a thermal reactor furnace, waste heat boiler and steam drum.
Job Duration: Start From 25 Feb 2012 To 28 Nov 2012
Job Description: Storage Tanks And Piping
Cost: 5 QR Million

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TCJV EPC Contractor Chiyoda Corporation Japan
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GS Ali Associates is a professional fabrication company in Pakistan and our slogan is
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  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Insulation & Coating
  • Power Plants Construction
  • EPC Contractor
  • Pre Engineered Steel Buildings
  • Turnkey Fabrication Projects
  • Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturing

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Storage Tanks Manufacturing in Pakistan
Structural Steel Fabrication in Pakistan
Turnkey Fabrication Projects in Pakistan
Power Plants Construction in Pakistan

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Why Us?

GS Ali Associates is among the leading oil storage tank manufacturer Companies in Pakistan, At GS Ali Associates we are the suppliers and installer of underground and above ground storage tanks, steel structures, pipe erection and fabrication, EPC Consultant & Contractor

GS Ali Associates specialized in Designing, Installation and Maintenance of Storage tanks, cooling system in oil storage tanks; we follow the standards for the Designing, Installation and Maintenance of any kind of steel structure. We have qualified team for the installation of Power Plant (Oil, Gas, Coal) , Boilers, Auxiliary Structure, Refineries, Gas Extraction Plant (LPG), Petrochemical Plant, Fuel Farm Facilities for Crude Storage, Jet Fuel Facilities for Aviation, Fire fighting System’s like Fire Hydrant System, Fire Sprinkler System, Filling Station (Oil & Gas), Pumping Station (Water).



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Pearl GTL in Qatar

Construction of the world’s largest gas to liquids (GTL) plant, Pearl GTL in Qatar, is a major step towards meeting the world’s growing demand for cleaner energy. The drive is on to make tomorrow’s transport fuels and lubricants on a large scale from clean-burning natural gas. Construction of the world’s largest gas to liquids (GTL) […]

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Engro Corporation Limited is one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates with businesses ranging from fertilizers to power generation.In the interest of better managing and overseeing businesses of subsidiaries and affiliates that are currently part of Engro’s capital investments, Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited converted into a holding company structure. As part of this process, two major changes […]

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BM TRADA Certification is a leading multi- sector certification body accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). Momin Oil Industry was established in the year 1910 under the name of Ali Baba group by our esteemed founder the late Haji Momin Khan. Momin Oil Industry started as a trading company in Afghanistan dealing with items […]

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